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Heavy Flow Pads Natural , Eco Certified with FAR-IR ANION strip

Heavy Flow Pads Natural , Eco Certified with FAR-IR ANION strip

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Gentle Day super thin, ultra absorbent Eco-Friendly, antibacterial menstrual pads. No fragrances, no toxins. Hypoallergenic. 8 individually packed heavy flow pads.


✔ Hypoallergenic, pH balanced, non-chlorine bleached, toxin-free
✔ Maximum comfort and protection from leaks
✔ Quick-dry top layer to keep your skin dry
✔ FAR-IR ANION Strip™ for maximum hygiene, all natural odour control, and skin protection ✔ Breathable, ultra-thin, and flexible
✔ Non-toxic, super-absorbent polymer layer absorbs several hundred times more than its weigh
✔ Eco-certified and VEGAN
Patented. Designed in Lithuania, manufactured in China ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified facility. FDA registered in the USA.


Free of dyes, perfumes, chlorine bleach, and heavy-metals.
Certified OEKO-TEX®, MADE FOR HEALTH®, VEGAN (Vegetarian Society).
• hydrophobic non-woven material (polypropylene) - remains dry, so it does not irritate the skin, you will feel drier;
• patented FAR-IR ANION anion strip - natural protection with mineral tourmaline and silver ions, which stop bad odour and bacterial growth, and reduce discomfort during menstruation;
• cellulose layer with cotton - quickly absorbs blood and distributes it by directing it to the next layer;
• non-toxic absorbent Japanese polymer - absorbs several hundred times more than its weight;
• plastic with calcium carbonite for air permeability;
• non-toxic glue - sticks well and holds the pad in place.


Heavy flow, overnight, moderate incontinence, sensitive skin, frequent infections, painful menstruation

How to use

Peel off the plastic wrapper, centre the pad on your underwear with the wider part at the back, press it down, and fold the wings underneath. To dispose of: remove the pad from your underwear, wrap it in toilet paper or a pad wrapper, and put it in a waste bin.

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  • Discover the ultimate comfort and protection during your menstrual cycle with GENTLE DAY® Natural Heavy Flow/Overnight Pads. Designed with your needs in mind, GENTLE DAY® pads feature a wider back shape and four wings - two in the middle and two in the back - for maximum coverage and security. With the added benefit of FAR-IR Anion Strip, you can experience reduced discomfort during your period. 

    GENTLE DAY® pads are hypoallergenic, air permeable, ultra-thin, and highly absorbent - absorbing up to 10 times more than other pads. The ANION strip protects against bacteria and odour, while side walls prevent side leaks. GENTLE DAY® pads are Oeko-Tex® 100 and VEGAN certified, and dermatologically tested as non-irritant. 

    Say goodbye to worrying about leaks or discomfort and hello to a good night's sleep with our pads. Trust us, your body will thank you.

    Length: 290 mm / 11.42 in

    Absorbency: 160 ml / 5.68 oz