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Regular and Absorbent Liners Combo - 2 Packs, 50 liners

Regular and Absorbent Liners Combo - 2 Packs, 50 liners

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GENTLE DAY® super thin, ultra absorbent Eco-Friendly, antibacterial liners. No fragrances, no toxins. Hypoallergenic. Individually wrapped.


✔ Hypoallergenic, pH balanced, non-chlorine bleached, toxin-free
✔ Super soft cotton top layer for everyday comfort
✔ Breathable and flexible
✔ FAR-IR ANION Strip™ for maximum hygiene, all natural odour control, and skin protection
✔ Eco-certified and VEGAN
✔ Individually sealed wrapper
Patented. Designed in Lithuania, manufactured in China ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified facility. FDA registered in the USA.


Free of dyes, perfumes, chlorine bleach, and heavy metals.
Certified OEKO-TEX®, MADE FOR HEALTH®, VEGAN (Vegetarian Society).
• hypoallergenic soft cotton/rayon for better absorbency;
• patented FAR-IR ANION anion strip - protection from nature with mineral tourmaline and silver ions, which stop bad odour and bacterial growth, and reduce discomfort during menstruation;
• cellulose layer with cotton;
• plastic with calcium carbonite for air permeability;
• non-toxic glue - sticks well and holds the pad in place.


Light Flow/Daily protection, sensitive skin, frequent infections

How To Use

Peel off the plastic wrapper, centre the liner on your underwear, press it down. To dispose: remove the liner from your underwear, wrap it in toilet paper or a liner wrapper, and put in a waste bin.

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  • ❤️ Made by Women for all Women

    Whether you're dealing with occasional leaks or just want extra protection during those final days of your period, GENTLE DAY® Natural Cotton Liners with FAR-IR Anion Strip have got you covered.

    Experience the comfort and confidence that comes with using a liner designed specifically for your needs. Choose GENTLE DAY® for a gentle, natural, and effective solution to your menstrual and incontinence needs.